Marina Trench L’Orage (Earl Jeffers Remix) [Sweet State]

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Parisian girl about town Marina Trench is dropping some very impressive moves on her Sweet State imprint, the label created to house her own recordings and those of other highly talented individuals thus far. ‘Imperméable en été EP’ dropped the other side of Christmas and is followed up by a set of remixes that will make the boys blush. Gerd Janson grabs hold of ‘Ose’, the track created by Marina in collaboration with her good mate Hug LX.

Janson brings in a whole new bassline that dances around Marina’s own vocal (which incidentally is peppered throughout the entire EP). Man of the moment Earl Jeffers treats listeners to a deeper house groove that sits at the intersection between UK house and afro house, burying the listener in his vibrant and flamboyantly colourful perspective. Closing out is another one to watch on the Paris house scene, Tatyana Jane, who does something so completely unrecognisable to ‘Hirondelle’. If this doesn’t slap you in the face and say sit up and listen, I don’t what will.