Thomas Gray & Liam Ebbs – That Was you [Analogue Attic]

thomas gray & lima ebbs

Australia’s Analogue Attic welcomes the returns of Sydney’s Thomas Gray & Liam Ebbs this August with ‘Recollection of Everything Beautiful’.

Thomas Gray & Liam Ebbs : ‘‘Recollection of Everything Beautiful’ was written over the space of 18 months between 2019 and 2020. The protracted time frame for the creation of the record corresponded with a period of vast personal change for both Thomas and Liam. Contrary to their debut record, ‘3 Days, 2 Nights’, this work is less bound to place, rather being a reflection on the joy of transformation.’’

Part 1 of ‘To An End’ opens the project, fusing ethereal textures and modulating synth tones with a balearic tinged plucked melody and an amalgamation of euphoric strings and atmospherics. ‘Of Two’ follows next and sees the duo deliver intricately evolving off-kilter drums alongside elongated jazz-tinged bass notes and their signature cinematic soundscapes. Following is ‘.nov.’, which contrastingly switches the focus over to minimalistic 4/4 drums, snaking subs, wandering piano lines and resonant fills throughout.

‘That Was You’ kicks off the flip, once again offering a more left of centre rhythmic approach via glitchy percussion and bumpy kicks while billowing synths and warm Rhodes ebb and flow throughout. ‘Variation II’ embraces a modern classical aesthetic with organic percussion, subtly blooming piano melodies and tension building pads next before Part 2 of ‘To An End’ closes the package, perfectly concluding the experience through evolving guitar melodies, blissful atmospheres, brass swells and a soft rhythmic flow.