The Cyclist – Lucille [100% SILK]

Everybody’s favourite vibrant and electric, cassette distributing label from the West Coast, 100% SILK, is back with a couple of releases. SILK 104 is coming from Pleasure Model and SILK 105 sees The Cyclist (soundcloud) make a full length return after his appearance on their Ghost Ship tribute compilation, “Silk to Dry the Tears”. Entitled “Alabaster Thrones”, the Birmingham-based producer delivers “tape throb”, a sound that he himself has coined and developed over the years. There’s a bit of a bonus to this release though as the initial four track offering is being sold either with or without an additional 6 track cassette featuring additional material.

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The unexpected extra cassette, “Beat at the Heart of the City”, dials downthe hardware crunch and delivers six compositions from The Cyclist’s analog vault, composed over a period of 9 years. From dancefloor ready grooves to shimmering beat-less melodies, there is something to catch the ear of even the pickiest listeners. Our premiere today comes courtesy of the first track and is entitled Lucille. Hazy chord stabs and crisp drums set this number up for some prime time footwork. Blending uplifting, emotional pads and haunting vocals with a contagious groove and a rising, arpeggiated acid melody, it’s got all of the elements to be both a club or home use favourite.

Set for release on April 6th, the 12″ vinyl and cassette package is really like a full length album and we highly recommend grabbing the two together from 100% SILK’s Bandcamp.