PREMIERE : thatmanmonkz – Sweetiez Fresh [Better Listen Records]

better listen records - thatmanmonkz

Better Listen Records has brought the fire since its inaugural release last year. A DC based house label that gives nods to disco and funk. The music feels familiar but also feels like the future. Here at Bolting Bits we are no strangers to a Better Listen Premiere, today’s track comes from the king of soul and funk laden house, thatmanmonkz. Everyone with an interest in house music should know a thatmanmonkz track, he has released on some of the most important labels around such as Delusions Of Grandeur, Classic, Dirt Crew and his own much celebrated Shadeleaf. Putting together an album is no mean feat but to bring the vibes like he did on Colombusing is testament to what the Sheffield born and bred producer has in his locker. This EP was inspired by a mini tour in the US and more specifically, as the name suggests, Washington DC.
[soundcloud url=””/]The A1 track is called Sweetiez Fresh. Just over five minutes of fresh guitar flicks, syncopated kicks, finger lickin good bass lines and the horniest horns! It all kicks off with filtered percs and aforementioned guitar with thatmanmonkz’ signature background vibe noise. It doesn’t take long to get into the swing of things, chord changes perfect for the summer solstice. A chugger anthem for your beach soundtrack and beyond.The monkz and Better Listen connection is strong and on the face of this release, we hope it continues.