Talker – Echolocation [Cheeky Sneakers]

After an intriguing appearance on Lobster Theremin’s PLUR compilation in 2020, New York’s Talker prepares his debut on Cheeky Sneakers with four varying cuts of emotive breakbeat and squelchy electro NRG.

‘Information’ takes the swaying aesthetics and waved basslines of contemporary breaks and wraps it in a digital ribbon; a periodic dip into a post-humanoid world where information is no longer something we consume, but something we have become. Delicate melodies swirl above the clouds leading the raver to their inevitable peak, before large kicks and percussive power sparks the fuse with a flurry of gun fingers and hands ascending towards new heights.

‘Da Business’ again wraps its electronic sequence in a modern blanket with elements of grime, garage and electro taking it in turns to wow and delight; a distinctive, lairy UK energy moulds together with ice-like synth work on an emotional trip that packs a punch, before the B-side is introduced on ‘X’, a squelching cut of acid-electro made for late nights and strobe lights.

‘Echolation’ finishes things off the way it started – cinematic breakbeat that invites the listener to take a moment for themselves on the dancefloor, looking inward for moments of private contemplation as the euphoria is pushed increasingly outward.

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