GREETINGS – Desires [Running Out Of Steam]

LT - ROOS015 - A SIDE - 2000
Melbourne based producer GREETINGS heads up Boots & Legs – an Italo focused label whose aesthetics float somewhere between yesterday and tomorrow – releasing records from Furor Exótica, Kayroy and more, and now he readies his Running Out Of Steam debut with four house and electro-fused dreamscapes.

Staying true to the label aesthetic of blending killer club grooves with introspective atmospherics, ‘ALONE’ is a cut of trance-licked house, M1 chords providing a disco-ball euphoria across the minimal, yet vibrant, soundscape. ‘Desires’ sees GREETINGS blend his admiration for Italo into a heavenly, 80s pop-ballroom experience designed for when the lights go on.

The B-side brings out the producer’s electro influence; ‘That Was A Weird Summer’ is as Italo as it is otherworldly – a sound similar to what might be heard if aliens discovered disco – before ‘Don’t Die Wondering’ closes the curtain with a cut of stirring and transcendental analog-electro that’s as rough as it is smooth.

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