Stones Taro – Full Train / Light On The Hill [Third Place]

stones taro full train
Based in London, U.K. Third Place Records aren’t your typical electronic music label. They specialize in what they like to call “curious dance music”, this ranges everywhere from breakbeat to jungle to leftfield house and beyond. For the second installment of their Third Place Dance Discs series they’ve called upon Stones Taro, a House & Breaks Producer and DJ from Kyoto, Japan. Stones Taro is deeply dedicated to furthering the house music scene in Kyoto, as he runs a house collective named “NC4K” (No Collar 4 Kicks) in his hometown with fellow DJ & Producer Lo-max.

“Full Train / Light On The Hill” is a two track EP that marks Stones Taro’s first vinyl release. The Kyoto native flexes his production chops over the two tracks, expertly layering rhythms, and dazzlingly lush ambient instrumentals. Stones Taro’s sampling of exotic birds on the first track, and the vocal sample he uniquely uses on the second track ensure that his EP perfectly fits the curious dance music aesthetic of Third Place Records. This is physically engaging and mentally stimulating electronic music unlike anything else you’ll hear.