Steve Hammer – Sadiq [Piff Records]

PIFF Records welcomes Venice-based producers Nicola Brusegan and Steve Hammer to the label on their latest release, Different Gear EP. Both producers have a rich history of collaborations, sharing releases on a multitude of labels in recent years. Despite not sharing production duties on any individual track on this release, their musical styles seamlessly blend together to construct a rich sonic tapestry traversing vibrant deep house and soulful dub techno.

The first four tracks on the EP will be available on both vinyl and in digital formats. Steve Hammer offers a simple-yet-raw bassline paired with crisp 808 percussion and dreamlike pads on Black Jack, in contrast with the more upbeat and playful Sadiq. Magic Colour, courtesy of Nicola Brusegan, revolves around a thunderous pumping bassline and stripped-back drums, whilst The River is centred around dubbed-out chords which keep pushing the track forwards.

A plethora of 90s-infused soundscapes continue throughout the final five tracks of the release, available exclusively in digital formats. Highlights include the lively serotonin-drenched melody of We Can Do It, and the glitchy arpeggio of Place 4 (both provided by Steve Hammer), alongside Nicola Brusegan airy pads and hypnotic bassline on XX33 and the Chicago-style vocal sample of Naked.

Rounding off the release with Look Inside Me, Nicola Brusegan applies melodic pads and shuffling drums to create a hazy track available for free download for buyers of the digital EP.

Over the course of 9 tracks, the pair of Venetian producers express the soulful grooves of 90s house through refreshingly modern production standards.

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