PREMIERE : Jesse Bru – Heartless Love [Piff Records]

jesse bru - heartless love

It was only late last year that PIFF Records dropped their successful first release PIFF001 ‘To Adelaide’, showcasing a palate of uprising Australian producers and including with it an impressive Boiler Room Debut. Now, the Britol record imprint returns with Berlin-based Jesse Bru (soundcloud) on solo duties in PIFF002 ‘Heartless Love EP’.

PIFF002 makes for a charming, anecdotal story-teller, cohesive in its structure; Bru is deliberate in his placement of the four well-crafted tracks. Sandwiched in the middle between a lighthearted, playful 8-minutes of A1 ‘Let Me Know’, and the aptly named, moody yet invigorating B1 ‘Late Nite Jam’, is our track of choice.

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A2 ‘Heartless Love’ opens with glitches of bright, celestial synth arpeggios ringing above wind-chimes. A fluid, acid bass-line soon pervades, mellow and muffled when held against the crunchy, industrial percussive highs. Bru continues to play with opposites in shaping his bass-drum kicks, contrasting the steady four-to-the-floor thumps with more softly erratic rhythms. The vocal sample is perfectly understated, with each word yearningly suspended a touch longer than anticipated. Adding to the tracks eccentricity, Bru works in bursts of melodic slides, grainy edits and short delays. It’s as if the track drops you into a wavy old colour box-tv set in a dim, yellow-lit room, inviting you on a nostalgic journey of distorted memories and fuzzy dreams.

PIFF002 ‘Heartless Love EP’ rounds off with a bustling B2 ‘Tribute’, but also includes a Bandcamp bonus fifth track on mp3: the feel-good dance-cut ‘Tried’ is an ideal close for the upbeat yet quietly sentimental PIFF002 soundtrack. Pre-order the record here ahead of its May 30th release!