Soul Clap – Natural Bliss [House Of EFunk Records]

house of Efunk - Soul Clap

Soul Clap. Whenever we see those two words we can’t resist the urge to click, listen or watch. “What are these guys cooking up now?” is our first thought, the second “of course they are”. The creative, tirelessly inventive and downright dirty duo are celebrating the beginning of their new house music imprint House of EFUNK, (a name you’ve no doubt seen flying around as the title of their electrifying touring party series). The Boston boys are back from their cosmic travels and you will want to hear delights they have returned with. Treasure in the form of two tracks ‘Jupiter Cush’ and ‘Natural Bliss’, fortunately, we have the honour of premiering the B Side of the first Soul Clap EP of 2019 EFUNK01, the track is entitled ‘Natural Bliss’.

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What we have here is a musical compound made up of buzzing particles of sonically stunning vocals, sounds of intergalactic laser warfare, warm piano chords, comforting funky percussion and muted basslines. ‘Natural Bliss’ will transport you back into the early days of Marshall Jefferson, before throwing you up through the stratosphere, where you will be caught for a moment in a cosmic jungle with echoes of the rhythms beneath. Paradoxically (in true Soul Clap fashion), the track incorporates futuristic yet retro elements of synthy splendour and unpolished rugged drums that only add more texture and layers to this New York house-flavoured instrumental.

The artistic pair, experiment with the deeper darker side of sophisticated, electro-funk and deep house releasing similar music off the renowned Soul Clap Records a few years back. Further to this, they collaborated with Wolf + Lamb, Double Standards Records back in 2013 to create Crew Love, which is of course, was another successful idea made possible by the likes of Nick Monaco, PillowTalk, No Regular Play coming together to bring pure uplifting music to world. Adding House of EFUNK to the Soul Clap life story is certainly a wise move for the duo and lovers of soulful house music everywhere. Shout outs to Lee Curtiss for mixing down this sell-out EP he really has accentuated the signature Soul Clap freshness.

Soul Clap are the future of house music. This would be a bold statement but their ability to time travel with their satisfying and truly original production techniques is unrivalled. Authentically conveying their message of fun, love and freakiness through tracks like ‘Natural Bliss’, the boys firmly cement their brand into the history of music.
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