Ozgood & Sa’D Ali – No Couture (FSQ Remix – One Era Edit) [Soul Clap Records]


FSQ and David Marston both released on Soul Clap Records class of 2014 and over the past six years the two artists formed a strong bond and released several collaborations. 2020 begins with two new efforts between FSQ and Marston, including FSQ’s epic rework of Ozgood and Sa’d The Hourchild Ali (also of FSQ) “No Couture” and FSQ’s slick remix of “Feel Me Running Away”, a tune by Marston’s new project DejaVilla, which pairs the producer with Jamaican vocalist Sarah Couch.

On “No Couture” David Marsten is a featured artist, providing both tight disco rhythm guitar and bass work for FSQ’s 10 minute rework, as well as ethereal guitar chords to back Sa’d Ali’s booming house music vocal sermons.

FSQ’s Caribbean Disco version of “Feel Me Running Away” brings Dejavilla’s tune to the dance floor with elements of dancehall, tropical house, and nudisco with added percussion, elastic bass lines, slinky guitar and sax solo.

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