Soreab – Cengiz The Great [Self-Released]


Soreab presents his debut, self-released album, Muğla’s Chronicles .”I started working on this music project back in 2016, when I lived and worked in Turkey, in Bodrum (Muğla Province) for six months. Each track is informed by episodes that I personally went through while living in Turkey, like a diary of sounds and voices. During my stay there, I imagined myself as a child visiting Turkey for the first time, experiencing the everyday and learning new things for example how to play an instrument, like the Turkish Lute which is present in each track of the LP.”

“I have let this project sit in a folder for some years until lockdown 2020 when in London it felt right to add something new to it, influences I didn’t have when I was in Turkey or simply to dive again into the Aegean Sea from the comfort of my home studio. Whilst keeping it true to its origins, I was able to turn and twist a Turkish Lute into something familiar to my present influences (UK Techno, Leftfield Bass, Dub, IDM, Jungle and especially Club/Rhythm focused Drums and Percussions) fast forward to 2022 and establishing a connection between these two worlds.”


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