Latrec – Kutika (Remotif Remix) [Viscera]

An EP of limbo-inducing squelch courtesy of our good friends Latrec aka Andy Bainbridge and Serious Hots, ft. techno flavoured remixes from Bristolian pal Remotif & our very own Matt Cowell & Quinn Whalley as The W.C. Enjoy.

In the furthest reaches of the cosmos, the intergalactic community gathers for the annual Kutika Limbo finals. Reigning champion Latrec draws the first straw and the percussion rolls excitedly as he steps up to the pole.

Kutika glides lithely under the bar, tentacles wobbling to the acid rhythm. He celebrates his victory as the crowd chants in a glitchy alien dialect. “Kutika-tika-tika-tika!”

Second in line, Latrec’s younger brother Dub Mix steps up for his first limbo. Shorter and stockier than his brother, we don’t know what to expect from this one. Once again the percussion rolls, the crowd gasps as his squidgy exoskeleton melts before their eyes, reforming on the other side of the bar – ‘blooooop’. The crowd goes wild “Kut-Kut!”

Next up is The W.C. Events take a strange turn as they forgo the competition, instead they walk to the stage to sweep the band aside, hijacking control of the instruments. Heavy percussive hits twist spacetime with material melting bass throbs. The crowd goes wild as the fabric of reality collapses around them.

Last but by no means least is Remotif, a techno unit resembling a giant cluster of biceps stands staring at the limbo pole, chaos erupting around him. The tempo of the percussion rises in anticipation and acid thunder roars in the background. Remotif picks up the bar, blinks, and hurls it off into the furthest reaches of the galaxy never to be seen again.


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