PREMIERE : Silk 86 – Rhapsody [Shall Not Fade]

SNF019 - silk 86
‘But thy eternal summer shall not fade‘. What a beautiful mantra it is! We mean who in their right mind wouldn’t want an ever-lasting summer to just trickle on and on! With a name inspired from Shakespeare’s famous Sonnet 18, the Shall Not Fade (SNF) crew have been providing the globe with dope dance for more than 2 years now.  Boasting a clique featuring the likes of Mall Grab, DJ Boring, Baltra and Anthony Fade, these guys are sitting high and mighty in club land.
The latest instalment is the SNF019 pack, brought to by Silk 86 (soundcloud). Consisting of Londoners Finn Casey and Thomas L, this duo breed a warm, percussive-laden take on house. Think that sort of house that relaxes yet stimulates all at once.
Kicking the EP off comes ‘The Shine’ a lo-fi jazz enthused deal. Featuring an old school, motown-esque vocal snippet, this one’s dominated by bongo hits and squelchy keys, a tune to set the mood for an evening of jive.

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Next is ‘Rhapsody’, the tune we’re ever so chuffed to premiere. I’d coin this one a whirling disco/house infusion. A track that’d almost certainly be well received at any dance occasion, it exudes positivity. Beginning with rustling hi hats, airy synth tones and bell chimes we’re sucked in headfirst.Joining the audio comes a muffled female vocal loop worming its way into the score. At this point I don’t feel the need to describe the number any further, as it spirals on for 6 and a half minutes in glee!
As we topple over to the B side, we’re met with the appropriately titled ‘The Other Side’. With an authentic acid flavour, this tune’s a spacey breeze. Consisting of rapid-fire keyboard and scuttling percussion, this track carries an uber-cool lounge feel.
And capping it all off is a rework of the aforementioned tune from a state compatriot of mine in Mall Grab (Jordan Alexander). Hailing from the coast of New South Wales,’s been pretty hard to miss this young mans antics over the past year or more. Based now in London, Mall Grab gigs relentlessly across Europe, holding down slots at some of the largest electronic gatherings known to man. Adding his signature, stark hi hat’s and fluctuating tech stabs, ‘The Other Side’ is gifted a new lease on life. Played loud and clear in a club room, this will certainly send crowds into rapture!
Point of the story, stay aligned with the Silk 86 boys and their close pals at Shall Not Fade and bask in a great bundle of dance. Pre order: here!