Kicking off the year with an energetic mix by the Tel Aviv native, Berlin-based rising star DASCO. DASCO’s music is all about the dance-floor’s energy, and hers is infectious. She is one of these artists truly vibing behind the decks. Her latest Hör set confirms how much of a positive and colorful spirit she is spreading to the lucky dancers around her.

“My goal”, she says, “is to lift people up through my music and spread love and happy energy across the world”. 2022 has kept her busy, touring around Europe as well as playing in her current home of Berlin with a recent debut at the infamous Panorama Bar.

She also recently launched her new label Bisexuality exists, which aims “to normalize bisexuality in today’s society and to inspire people to live how they feel”, and we can’t wait to hear more about what she has in mind with this new project. She hasn’t planned to slow down as she has just released her Powerful Woman EP on Bristol’s ever influential Shall Not Fade label on January 13th. Keep your eyes ears out because one can’t escape the feeling that Dasco’s momentous year has just lifted off.


BY preel Lewinson

Thank you so much for taking the time to record this powerful mix for us! How did you select the tracks for the mix?

Hello guys and thanks for having me!For this mix I selected music which I play in clubs and could also fit for listening at home before or after the party ;)

What’s more important: the track you start with or the track you end on?
The track you start with in my opinion.

How was 2022 for you?
2022 was really great. I played in amazing clubs and Festivals like for example Into The Woods Festival in the Netherlands and also had my debut at Panorama Bar which was pure fun. I also launched my own record label Bisexuality Exists with the first release “Get High With Me”. I was really happy to receive so much love and support from the people.

You just released your ‘Powerful Woman’ EP on Bristol’s ever influential Shall Not Fade label.What a great way to start 2023! Could you share with us the concept behind and talk us through your process?
As a female music producer in a male-dominated industry, I have experienced and seen some of the challenges and discrimination women often must contend with.

In my track “powerful Woman” you can hear me saying the words “powerful”, “strong”. It acts as a reminder to myself as well as to others that we are much more stronger than we think.

It’s important to me to inspire other women through my music and show them that they shouldn’t be afraid to keep doing their thing despite gender discrimination. I would like to encourage others to never be afraid to show themselves to the world in their own authentic way and to be proud of who they are, to be proud of their femininity and independence.

You moved to Berlin in 2014, right? Were you already involved in the music scene as a Dj in your hometown Tel Aviv before?
Yes that’s true. I moved to Berlin in 2014 but I‘m visiting Tel Aviv often, especially in winter time.

I was involved in the music scene and started to DJ before I moved to Berlin but I understood quite fast that if I would like to make it as a DJ And

Music Producer, Tel Aviv which is very male dominated is not the right place for me.
Now things there got slightly better though unfortunately you can still feel the inequality between women and men. Fingers crossed things will change soon.

How have both cities influenced you as a DJ and producer?
In Tel Aviv I felt like I always needed to prove my worth to others so it made me working really hard.

Berlin influenced me by relaxing me and taking away all the stress of living in Israel and also giving me the freedom and support to do my art and express myself the way I feel like.

Are you particularly permeable to what surrounds you, creatively speaking? If so, how does it influence your DJ focus?
Yes I’m am. I love being on the move, between gigs, visiting new countries, all this inspires me. I am inspired by changes, new places and new people and I always search for new sounds and new adventures. I also really love fresh air and being close to nature which really relaxes me and when I’m relaxed I feel inspired the most.

Do you listen to “club” music in your day to day life or do you reserve it for your digging sessions only?
Yes for sure. I listen to almost all kinds of music at home, depending on my mood. It can be club music, R&B, Pop, Ambient, Jazz, Funk and more. Good music is good music.

You recently founded your own label : Bisexuality exists, focusing on women, non-binary, and LGBTQ + communities. Can you tell us more about it and what you’ll be doing with it?
As a bisexual, it is important for me to normalize bisexuality/ bisexual visibility in the public space and to campaign against biphobia and bi-erasure. It is important for me to represent the bisexual community with pride and with the respect it deserves. I’m planning to release more music on my label this year. Expect the unexpected…

How’s the queer scene in Tel Aviv, and how connected are you with the community there?
The queer scene in Tel Aviv is great and so much fun! Most of the parties I play in Tel Aviv are queer parties and every time the energy there is so liberated! It is like a big happy celebration.

Do you think the identity that a DJ/producer/artist presents on social media is increasingly essential when it comes to being booked? How are you personally navigating through this?
Yes, I think it is quite essential. Times have changed and this days without having social media, maybe not so many people will have the opportunity to know your music.

I’m personally posting often on social media and sometimes I can spend too much time on this. The problem is that with touring and posting regularly on socials, sometimes I don’t have enough time to create new music. I always say that if I didn’t have social media I could probably finish an album. I think though that soon I will let someone else manage my socials so I can focus on the main reason why I’m here in this world which is to lift people up through the music I create.

What’s one club, venue, or party that has had the most impact on you as an artist?
Defiantly Panorama Bar. I went there for the first time I think in 2012, even before I started to DJ. I don’t know why and how to explain this but the energy there is just magical.

Any recent set that really blew you away as a dancer?
I really love Job Jobse’s sets, such a great DJ!

What is the last record you purchased?

The Lisa Marie Experience – Do that to me.

Interview by Evita.