Siggatunez Day Of My Life [Honey Butter Records]

As we head into the holiday season, many of us can finally start to breathe a deep sigh of relief. We are now a year removed from the coronavirus pandemic and dancefloors around the globe are getting back into the full swing of things – welcoming many of their patrons with open arms and vaccine checks. Although we should not declare victory just yet, it looks like the largest disruptive force of the 21st century might be behind us.  With booster shots in hand, the next couple of months should be utilized as a time for us to relax and gradually return to our old selves. For those reading this page, that typically means getting back to our favorite clubs and venues to let loose all the pent up energy from the past several months. 

If you are looking for a soundtrack to mark this semi-return to normalcy, look no further than the latest VA from BB favorite Honey Butter Records! Titled Loosey Goose, the Swedish imprint has decided to stick to their underground roots with a record featuring some of the brightest rising stars from the scene today. The 6-track compilation includes new music from the likes of Rafael Cancian, Fidde, Sam Paradise, HATT.D, and Max Telaer – all close friends and collaborators of the label’s Head Honcho Emil Sunessson. 

The song we are fortunate to share with you today comes from Berlin-based maestro Siggatunez and goes by the name “Day of My Life.” From its airy assortment of strings to its complementary mix of soulful vocal samples, this track embodies the sort of joy many of us are feeling at the moment – as we get to resume the lives we had before 2020. Certainly a tune DJs will salivate to play at the start of their sets, “Day of My LIfe” contains a mood-setting arrangement of melodies that signal to its listeners the best is yet to come!

To get your hands on this and the rest of Loosey Goose, make sure to pre-order your copy here! It’s set to hit stores December 3rd!