Shedbug – For You [Lobster Theremin]

shedbug - lobster theremin
You might know Shedbug from his vinyl only outfit Salt Mines that he manages together with Rudolf C, all the way from Australia. Or maybe from the many EPs he’s already released on various labels. It’s down-under that he meets Lobster Theremin bossman Jimmy Asquith for a series of gigs and the idea for the Australian producer to release an EP on the mastodon of lo-fi music is born. Today we have the privilege of sharing one track of the EP with you. Let’s start at the beginning. The 5 track vinyl starts with 2, a three minutes long ambient piece with echoey bleeps and a lot of low-pass filter movement throughout the piece. Close your eyes, take a deep breath, the party is about to start.
Following is the track we are proud of premiering: For You. A kind of 90’s progressive-house vibe is mixed with more rugged drum/bass patterns all the way through. It makes for a very dreamy piece perfect for a pause in the middle of a hot set without losing the energy thanks to that low-end action. Shimmering hi-hats all-the-way and a strong emotional roller of a track.

[soundcloud url=”” /]Closing the a-side is Journeyman. The young producer mixes electro rhythms with vocoder-infused interventions all dipped in a dubbed-out atmosphere with spacey drums (you know, those laser-sounding toms…): count us in! This one has a strange quality that perfectly closes this dense first side and introduces the B-side at the same time. 

Flip to the other side and be greeted by Destination Love. Both an homage and a more modern take on the always fun italo-disco sound, the tune is generous in both textures and energy levels while keeping a serious atmosphere proper for those dark basement sessions with no lights, with the mixer going full red. Vocoder-bassline-pad is all you need… Keen on the more hardcore stuff? Put on your big-boy pants on and blast the closing tune You Think. In the fog of it all you will come across saturated drums, staggering breaks, dark stabs and a killer 303-like pattern. Weapon alert.

With this EP the Aussie proves that he knows how to play with the different atmospheres and vibes that exist in dance-music culture and make them his own. Blending genres and aesthetics for an ever so effective piece of music on good old wax. You can pre-order the EP here.