Scaefa – Locate [La Bonne Musique]

Following his 2022 ‘Natural Selection’ EP and music on Comma Trax, Troubleshoot Recordings, and Draconian Audio, Scaefa returns to La bonne musique with three nostalgic club cuts. The London party and label has built a roster of talent comprised of artists like Sempra, Small Crab and Akumen, with a catalogue of quality rave music spanning techno, bass, and breaks. “I spent a lot of time listening to 90s trance and UK jungle/hardcore pirate radio mixes whilst making these tunes, and the result is an amalgam of breaks/techno/trance and ambient moments.

This project is nostalgic musically and emotionally, with the tracks made in a period of my life spent looking back/reflecting on the past. I find the music to be both euphoric and melancholic at times.” – Scaefa ‘Symbiosis’ opens up Scaefa’s ‘Ambrosia’ EP with mysterious swirling synths, anticipation building before culminating into a racy Reese bass finish, this is before ‘Locate’ continues with more breakbeats which carefully carve and slice their way through rich melodies and vibrant stabs. The title track is up next, pads swelling in the background as pitched-up vocals and a subtle 303 complement its fast-paced jungle drums. La bonne musique co-founder n_o, formerly known as bad internet, closes out the release, turning ‘Locate’ into a retro acid techno and house hybrid complete with exhilarating stabs and organic rhythm.

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