Sanpé – Satutrigger [Next Gen Records]

Next Gen Records welcome French astronaut Sanpé aboard our spacecraft for the next mission, and fasten our seatbelts for the journey that lies ahead! Fast-paced rhythms, progressive storytelling and trance-infused nostalgia permeate our third release on Next Gen, Satutrigger EP. Enjoy!

After resting and replenishing on Kepler, our heroes once again set the course of the ship to Earth, eager to arrive home after months in space. Upon entering Earth’s orbit they realize that our planet is overrun by plants of an enormous stature, and there are no buildings or people in sight, just rainforest as far as the eye can see. Could this be a result of the repair on the warp drive? could they possibly have traveled back in time to an age before humans? After further inspection, the team comes upon ruins of some sort, that appear both futuristic and ancient, and decide to explore. They shockingly discover that they have not traveled to the past, but to the distant future, where because of climate change and nuclear war, humanity has been extinguished, and as a result, mother nature has taken back what rightfully belonged to her, and in our place, dinosaurs once again rule the earth. As night falls and the bushes around them start to bustle with life, they come to the realization that at least here and now, humans are not at the top of the food chain..

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