Ndlss Seumar – The Sister Planet [Mirage Sud]

In French, “Bon Voyage” expresses good wishes to someone about to embark on a journey.

Calling from Mars(eille), french producer Ndlss Seumar, a fresh newcomer who brings us summer before the hour, delivers four proggy, trance-oriented tracks on Mirage Sud. From energetic vibes to more dreamy but powerful melodies, the four tunes are brimming with emotion.

‘You Butter Be Bready’, is like having French toast for breakfast- sweet house vibes with joyful stabs that provide the necessary energy for the coming day. From there, the rest of the EP takes a psychedelic turn. ‘Bon Voyage’ makes us blast off, with its acid sounds and syncopated synth, towards Venus or ‘The Sister Planet’. For this third track, heat increases, the bpm accelerates, the resonant textures mix to form a mind-bending groove. The last tune, ‘Stompy Yeezy’, is like landing, the first steps in a new environment. The deep and heavy bass plays with more melancholic melodies as if to say goodbye.

Fasten your seat belts and prepare to take off on this cosmic trip with us.


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