Sanpé – Across The Platform [39 Records]

Sanpé is releasing his first solo EP on his own label 39 Records co-founded with friends and family back in 2020 in his hometown Paris.After several years producing from house to deep house, ‘Sanza’ is a new chapter. Different tools added to the studio set up and an increasing love for the Australian scene led his sound to a more trancy planet.

Between progressive house and trance influence, ‘Sanza’ is composed of 3 psy-infused bangers which seems to be the ideal balance between power and groove. First track ‘Across The Platform’ illustrate Sanpé ability to mix tech house and trance genres with 7 minutes of pure intensity. Currently settled in Bali, Sanpé plans to absorb all the trancy vibes he can from his favorite land of underground producers Australia, and pursue to add some weapons to his cosmic arsenal in the coming years.


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