Sam Stosuur – I’m Real [Pocketmoth]

The introduction to Sam Stosuur‘s latest EP is likely best left to the opening track as “Seeds,” due out November 21st on Pocketmoth, lets us know from the onset whose record we’re listening to who became the second-ever Australian woman to win the US Open (hint, it was Sam Stosuur).

Drawing on his jazzed up background, the Brisbane-based artist conveys a penchant for both organic and synthetic layers, combining them in a way that feels both approachable and experimental. Interestingly, one of the unifying ties between tracks on the EP is the consistently bold pushes into the stereo field that add to the simultaneously retro and refreshing feel of the EP. Listening on headphones is a real treat as the far-out choices really come through — mono sound systems beware!

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On our pick, “I’m Real,” Stosuur’s tastes culminate for a standout track. As the vocal repeats its anthem, we’re taken through a panoramic journey full of cheeky samples, groovy chords, and driving drums. Check out on their bandcamp for more release.

Adam J.