Meridians – Four In The Morning, Restless (Sam Stosuur Remix) [Pocketmoth]

pocketmoth - sam stosuur
Brisbane-based label Pocketmoth is back with their second various artists compilation, entitled “Skies”. The artists on the compilation span a wide geographic radius yet all fit into the wider realm that is underground dance music. Combining a number of sub-genres such as house, techno, acid, dub and beyond, there’s a little something in there for everyone.

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Today, we’ve decided to run the premiere of a remix from a talent that should now be familiar to our readers. That producer is Sam Stosuur, who we’ve showcased from releases on both Beats of No Nation as well as pocketmoth in the recent past. His contribution to the EP is a remix of “Four in the Morning, Restless” by Meridians.The remix starts with a familiar vocal that leads into a hazy atmosphere where moody pads slowly creep into the fold. The understated rhythm is then lofted up by the same breakbeat sample found in the opening seconds of the track. As the tune slowly evolves, we get into the break, where a poignant vocal takes centre stage and lets your mind drift into the beyond. This one is going into our rainy day playlist, although, it’s probably just as good on a bright and sunny summer day. We’ll be sure to test that theory in the coming months. You can get your copy of this tune and the rest of the compilation directly from the label’s Bandcamp.