S3A – Presentiment (feat. Mika Blaster) [Quartet Series]

S3a - quartet series

S3A returns to Quartet Series with “Climax,” a winner of an EP that serves as the third instalment in the label’s Trophy Series. As expected, all four tracks stay true to the intention set by Sampling As An Art (note the S and three “A’s”); rare and dusty samples combined for maximum feel and dancefloor efficacy.

Having lent a helping hand to the good guys on QS002, the second chapter in a high stakes mutant wrestling match, it comes as no surprise to see the former Concrete resident on the Quartet Series lineup for a full-on four-tracker. And while “Climax” enters a cabinet full of stiff competition, the three-lettered sample lover holds his own alongside fellow star Parisian Tell, and quirky label head / A&R extraordinaire, Nachtbraker.

[soundcloud url=”https://soundcloud.com/boltingbits/s3a-presentiment-feat-mika-blaster” /]

Presentiment, a collaboration with Mika Blaster, is a wild arrangement of tribal drums, moody strings, and a club-ready vocal sample that come together for a dancefloor smash. The song’s surprise structure, real-world instrument samples, and cheeky vocal foreshadow things to come later on in the EP, as all four tracks blend various amounts of the above elements to gratifying effect, culminating perhaps on “Something More” — a solid choice for any DJ looking to line their Summer crate.

“Climax” feels like a punctuation point in a long line of singles and compilation contributions by S3A and we can only hope its a sign of more to come as its great to explore such a complete expression by a producer whose tastes are so reliably dialed in. Pre-order today your copy on Bandcamp!

Adam J.