Rymdeko – Rymdeko EP [Postseason Franchise Records]

Rymdeko EP [Postseason Franchise Records]


Postseason Franchise Records steps into 2020 poised to share their first vinyl release from Brooklyn via Sweden duo Rymdeko. Label heads The Space Wanderer and TTilawok recorded Rymdeko in the span of a snowy week at Elektronmusikstudion in Sweden. The EP is a mind-bending journey throughout psychedelic dub techno and beyond. A nod to their shared influences as well as their own solo creations, Rymdeko showcases a refreshingly honest take on techno from two longtime collaborators and friends.

Rymdeko is an exploration of evolving arpeggiated textures and deep minimal grooves. While pulsing bass lines meander the craggy landscape, majestic synth patterns peer through the starlit sky. The deep grooves are both contemplative yet energizing. Ambient textures are balanced with rhythmic groove. It is a track that is as apt for the dance floor as it is the living room. The sense of duality across the entire EP is what makes this project truly special.

Rymdeko drops March 13 worldwide and there will be a limited run of translucent red vinyl available on the Postseason Franchise Records Bandcamp. You can also pick up a copy at select records stores across NYC, LA, and SF.