Run Bass – Across Borders [Burnin Music Recordings]

run bass burnin music recordings

Maiden Voyage is the latest EP from rising London-based French producer, Run Bass. Coming to us by way of London-based label, Burnin Music, this EP displays Run Bass’ knack for summertime retro-fitted electronic. Utilizing entirely analog equipment and old-school drum machines, this EP is an assured, funky, yet laid-back collection of tracks.

“Across Borders” is a gorgeous opener that sets the tone for the rest of the EP. The track opens with a decisively laid-back drum pattern and wobbly synths, but quickly picks up in momentum as the modular synth-line and bass kick into gear. Some high-note keys and plucked-string-like synths pepper the main riff, lending the track some unexpected tension to its languorous tone. This all sets the stage for the track’s show-stopping late drop, where all the elements crescendo in a fuzzed-out, modular cornucopia. With “Across Borders”, Run Bass proves himself an expert at creating a retro summer vibe, but with a few tricks up his sleeve, too.