Romain FX – The Drive (Lauer Remix) [Fauve Records]

“When the driver reaches ultimate speed, he realised the world as he knew it was morphing. The array of beams and city lights became waves of spectrum entering the quantum realms. The sizzling frequencies became rhythmic melodies and his body started to get lighter and lighter until he reached 0 gravity. This anamorphic world he entered was called The Drive.

Entering the remix world for the first time, at Fauve Records, it was important to create a panoply of genres. We thoroughly selected 4 remixers for The Drive [Re-Mix] EP.

On duty first is Lauer (Running Back) from Germany who needs no introduction. To our eyes, his recognisable touch was perfectly fitted for the title track “The Drive”, nostalgia was the approach, long build-ups bringing you into a melancholic trance” Romain FX.

text has been provided by the label.