PREMIERE : Rolfee – Shakara [La Dune Records]

Edinburgh/Geneva/Stuttgart based label La Dune is back at it with another various artists compilation bound to awaken your dancing spirit. Widening its range of original and talented contributors, the 003 offers a mix of deep house, afro house, and disco house, most with a lo-fi edge. Overall, it’s a cheeky set of jams that advance the current popularity of the above styles.

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The A2 sees young Swiss based producer ROLFEE (soundcloud) concocting a take on afrobeat legend, Fela Kuti’s “Shakara”, making for a deep and spiritual afro-house edit. Starting strong with a steady percussive groove and deep chord progression, the track builds nicely into heavier moments full of chanting and brass flourishes before fully breaking down into stripped back drum sequences guaranteed to get ya’ movin. “Shakara,” our favorite of the bunch, has a great sound profile and never goes overboard with unnecessary sampling or instrumentation. Sounds sit nicely in their own place and meander in and out of the song at the perfect moments. Nowadays, due to the rising popularity of world music in the underground, many afro edits can seem contrived, but “Shakara” feels perfectly natural, and it’s easily the stand-out of the group. Don’t forget to put this one in your crate.

La Dune’s 003, “What Gets You Moving,” is available to download for free via their Bandcamp page. Prior projects are also available for free download so have a little dig and see what you can find.