PREMIERE : Raw Joints – Phutura Jam [RAW JOINTS]

raw joints 001

The first release of any label is often the most interesting, as it is puts forth a statement on the label’s modus operandi, and lays the groundwork for its future output. With a label name like Raw Joints (soundcloud), ears of discerning house heads will undoubtedly perk up, and the Italian duo’s inaugural release does not disappoint. Offering a no-frills, jacking approach to a classic house sound, Raw Joints’ Gold Ring EP delivers the goods for rough, functional DJ tools for the modern record bag.

Opener ‘It’s Fine’ gets straight to the jack with an old-school Chicago aesthetic laced with some disco style percussion, topped off with simple, hypnotic vocal loops. Its pounding nature will undoubtedly rescue any dance floor in need of rejuvenation. A2 ‘Hello Luv’ continues Raw Joints’ knack for vocal sampling, with a sultry, Moodymann-esque drawl over some loopy instrumentals, reminding us what it’s all about. The title track brings us straight back to the early 90s in the Midwest with some tasteful 909 energizing some disco samples.

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It is our pleasure to premiere the Gold Ring EP’s closer Phutura Jam, a lovely cut which happens to be the most melodic on the EP as well. Washy analogue synths swell over crisp drums and a fat bassline, holding steady for a less is more approach and locking the listener into a steady groove. While little is known about this Italian duo, the music speaks for itself and their first EP proves Raw Joints should definitely be on your radar for future releases.