LVCA & Otis – Tanzen ft. Alex Vincent [Bordello A Parigi]

Two Italians step into the Bordello. Both are armed. Their weapons of choice? The synthesizer sounds of italo, new beat and wave. LVCA and Otis have been raised on the sounds of their homeland, adopting its analogue sound while adapting it to their own style. The result is a brooding mix of addictive lines and vocoder fire. “Ritmo Electronico” opens with a steel-edged snare driving smeared synths through the city dusk, robotic lyrics menace this sleazy neon-stained scene of cracked mirrorballs and flaring machines. Listeners are pulled into the underbelly of A Promise In The Cold Night with the murky “Tanzen”. Alex Vincent’s words are shrouded in glitch, bright burbling bars and a clean clap offering a path of light to help the listener navigate their way.

The true coldness of the night arrives with the stabbing keys of “Synthesised Emotion”. Through a haze of hi-hats, an electrical smoke of blacks and greys fizz with juddering volts as passions pour through cable and wire. That haze grows thick in the close. Through a mist of distortion, a “Sphere Of Light” penetrates. Pin-pricks of percussion are dowsed in aquatic tones before a syrup of static is poured across proceedings, lost vocals ghost in this fog of bending bodies and forms.


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