PREMIERE: Sune – 8 Till Late [Kyoku Records]

sune - kyoku records
Kyoku Records
slid onto the scene last June with Ethyene‘s remarkably heady Obsessions EP. One year and a couple EPs later (from the likes of Dorsi Plantar and Long Island Sound) and we arrive at their fourth release: Sune‘s 8 Till Late. If there’s one thing the Melbourne-run house  imprint has demonstrated in their fresh run, it’s the ability to scope upcoming talent and cultivate polished EPs fitting their stylistic vein. The Kyoku sound could be described as a sample-based melange of bright, deep and sometimes whimsical moods. It’s like staring into a goddamn tropical sunset.

Sune, who recently made his vinyl debut on a sweet V/A from Lagaffe Tales, is of course part of High Hat Appreciation Society – a dope little collective of DJs and producers. On his first full EP, the Malmo man brings his approach of dusty beats and delectable sample flips in full. The B-side hosts the harder-going disco looper “Pistachio Sour” and its remix from Fouk’s ever-dope Daniel Leseman. Meanwhile, A-Side showcases the laidback and effortlessly groovy sounds of the label and producer, which brings us to our premiere.

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While the lead track strolls along with a delectable jazz guitar sample and a big warm bassline, the title track, “8 Till Late” explores paradisiacal territory. A crackling sample/machine layered drum beat backs the intro, with a tropical xylophone slowly filtering into the fray. When the full action is finally unleashed, a bouncy bassline joins perfectly with the riffing mallet instrumentation, a subtle rhythm guitar and sweet string stabs to create a heady summertime jam.

8 Till Late looks to be a warm weather sureshot for those of us in the northern hemisphere. The record should be hitting stores early next month and is available to preorder on Juno.