PREMIERE : Scott Franka – Toenail [Quartet Series]

Scott franka - the gym - Quartet series

Quartet Series (soundcloud) emerged last year, a seriously good label with a not so serious aesthetic. Nachtbraker first foray into label management was warmly received. They allowed a whole host of established and new producers show their ‘good’ and ‘bad’ side on 4 track comic strip themed vinyl releases. There are many tracks from the 4 releases that float my boat, namely the Ponty Mython, Loz Goddard, Saine and Darko Kustura cuts.

There are labels out there that take themselves a little too seriously so when Quartet series came along, it was like a breath of fresh air. You can tell that a lot of time, effort and love has gone into this project; from the full sleeve artwork and inserts to the actual quality of the music and A&R.

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The next chapter of the Quartet Series story starts with a solo artist EP by relative newcomer Scott Franka (soundcloud) entitled “The Gym”. The track we are premiering today is called Toenail.

Scott’s beats sound like they have been ever-present at the gym, the kick drum has some muscle mass behind it, the clap is meaty and the hats sound larger than life. By contrast, the arps that greet you within the first minute are dreamy and light. This really is a track with impressive synth work, face-melting chord pads, gritty acid style lines, fresh-as-fuck melodies and a host of clever panned effects. The track holds it’s real power in the lower end of the spectrum, glimpses of the bass tease you until around 2 minutes. This is where the full bass sucker punch hits you square in the chest! TKO! Sensory overload! A club stomper, one for the peak time bruisers. Scott Franka is now on my radar and I suggest you stick him on yours too.


The Gym is due out on 12 “20th March. Pre-order it via  Juno