PREMIERE : Reverend P – Way U Get Me [Razor-N-Tape]

Edits, edits, edits. They are everywhere at the moment! There is a label that has been dealing out the good stuff, the pure, 100% authentic raw stuff for a considerable amount of time. This label has been doing their thing since the edit game exploded, the disco DJ’s favourite, Razor-N-Tape (soundcloud).
If, like us, you are an avid follower of the label then you will know what to expect from their Edit series. Fun, groovy and unquestionably excellent source material, all releases are tasteful homages to the originals, not overdone but with just the right amount of dance floor impact for modern audiences.
Today’s premiere comes from Reverend P (soundcloud), a Parisian disco don with a history of making killer edits for G.A.M.M. and Basic Fingers. Track B1 is called Way U Get Me.


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It’s not easy to get the balance right when approaching someone as legendary as Barry White, but Reverend P nails it. An altogether DJ friendlier cut, the track builds as the original does but this edit teases and teases without using the overblown sections that the album version has.
There’s nothing quite like Barry’s velvety smooth voice, this edit cuts the right amount and uses the beats and bass with a smattering of the horn section perfectly. All in all, a very well thought out and dancefloor orientated edit. This will be on rotation for a long time!
We look forward to his next edit choice and also the next instalment in Razor-N-Tape’s wonderful series.
You can buy the 12” now via Juno

lee dearn