PREMIERE : Opal Sunn – Serafin

opal sunn - serafin - planet sundae
PLANET SUNDAE is opening up the New Year with a four-pack of space burners from Opal Sunn. The Berlin based duo of Hiroaki OBA and Al Kassian combine again to create hardware based tracks that bounce around the solar system. With an emphasis on performance, they manage to present a humanized sound via their various synths and drum machines. This is even more evident in the live set they recorded at PLANET SUNDAE last year, which is aptly tagged as “Man or Machine” on Soundcloud.

EP 2 is a darker companion to their first EP released last year. While Opal Sunn 2 replicates the warmth so prevalent across the label’s releases it drifts deeper into space than EP 1 as well as Al Kassian’s solo releases. “Serafin” floats along with sharp hats cutting through the reverb drenched arrangement. An acidic bassline rolls underneath, rising and falling with the decay of the hats. Arpeggios climb in and out, providing more texture and opportunities for moments of euphoria that break away from the minimal base of the track. There is certainly a Selected Ambient Works feeling to the track, stemming from the laid back arrangement and consistent hardware noise.

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Compared to EP 1, this transmission is seemingly from a system drenched in fog and rain rather than the sun and blue skies. That being said, it still manages to provide some clarity and hope for the duo’s next voyage out into space. The record is out on January 26th.