PREMIERE : Mytron & Ofofo – Aircraft One

Mytron & Ofofo - Aircraft One

Amsterdam based label, store, and distribution outlet Bordello A Parigi have been on fire lately, and they’re gearing up to release another excellent project with newcomers Mytron & Ofofo (soundcloud). Like the rest of the Bordello catalog, M&O’s debut is a sweet exploration into funk, italo, and disco. The A1, “Aircraft One,” is an absolute heater, and kicks off with an appropriate sample of a plane taking off. As soon as we’re airborne, we’re hit in the face with a heavy rolling bassline that drives the track into trippier territory, a place where searing, brassy synth stabs compliment keyboard flourishes and authoritative vocal shouts that scream for all to “get up!” FYI, if you weren’t up already there’s something wrong with you!

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“Aircraft One” is a versatile track that would work well in disco, house, or more afro centric sets. The rest of the EP takes on a more organic, tropical tone, but continues to press the consistent Bordello A Parigi themes of wonky basslines and heavy synth melodies. Futhermore, this is an impressive debut from a duo we know little about. We will certainly be keeping an eye on Mytron & Ofofo’s next projects as we slowly rinse the Aircraft One EP to death. As for Bordello, the formula remains the same, and you’d be amiss to not keep tabs on a label that’s proven to be consistent A&R’s of unique and talented producers.

Due out on 12′ end of may : Bordello A Parigi