PREMIERE : Intr0beatz Feat. Lay-Far – That DUB [In-Beat-Ween Music]

In-beat-ween - lay-far intr0beatz

As house music in 2017 continues to mutate, fracture, and spread across the globe, Russia remains a hotbed of simultaneous innovation and reverence. Based in Moscow, Alexander Lay-Far (soundcloud) represents a growing faction of producers and DJs tapping into the wealth of dance music connecting dots from jazz, dub, funk, and everything in between from, quite literally, around the world. A&Ring the newest release from In-Beat-Ween Music, Lay-Far brings together geographically disparate, yet sonically coherent artists to create “Footwork House Jams #1”. Footwork House Jams started in 2010 as a small late night community, influenced by sound and visual aesthetics of 90’s house parties in New York and Chicago. Upon a first rinse, there’s no question Lay-Far nailed the local party feel filled with loose and seemingly off-the-cuff rhythms.

The A-side does not mess around as expected; kicking off with “Church Chords” by Karizma, a cacophony of cowbells and stuttering snares glide effortlessly under repeating organ stabs. It sways a bit like something out of a late 90’s uk-garage hit, but is so stark and structurally current that there’s no question it’s creator has an eye on both the past and the future. “Check Da Discotheque” by Nubian Mindz similarly mines conventions of Dance music’s yesteryear while simultaneously separating himself from the pack. Cut-up vocals and a jacking bassline recall Todd Edward’s revolutionary work, while toms, kicks, and hats run rampant throughout the low end.

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Byron the Aquarius‘ syncopated stomper, “Nights in Jakarta” launches the flip-side of this comp with vigor. A spiking melody snaps atop a combo of pumping low-end and breaks that would not feel out of place in the middle of a James Brown performance. Continuing the theme of this collective and release, its the melding of old and new here that’s executed so effectively.
Bolting Bits premiere, “That DUB (Tape Mix)”, comes from intr0beatz featuring Lay-Far himself. The track wriggles and shakes as it builds steadily, utilizing sour organ chords akin to those championed so heavily from the rubble of dubstep. Right as the rocket that is “That DUB” seems to break through the atmosphere, it takes a nosedive into the Mariana Trench—the high-end cuts out abruptly, leaving only the most warehouse-ready pulses and tightly cut vocals that ripple through water. Footwork House Jams #1 resolves with a spellbinding workout from Kid Sublime and Han Litz. “Wings of Love”. It’s tough to really describe the dazzling flutework and piano chops on display here; woodwinds and keys dance across the funk-indebted percussion and arpeggiating synths as freely as a flock of birds swirling over itself in the sky. “Wings of Love” is the final, shining example of the fruitful melding of seemingly disconnected times and culture that Lay-Far and the Footwork House Jams collective represent so effortlessly.
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