PREMIERE: Harrison BDP – The Flow [PIFF Records]

Few artists today are more responsible for the recent resurgence of lo-fi house as a genre in dance music than Harrison Webber, better known as Harrison BDP. His instant classics such as “Decompression” and “It’s Foggy Outside,” along with the work of others, have helped lay down the foundation for a sound that’s low on frills but high on emotion through its superb utilization of classic techniques and poignant vocal sampling. It’s a formula that has shown itself to be well-appreciated by house-heads alike, earning his songs millions of plays on youtube channels around the globe in a relatively short amount of time.

In his latest release titled “Confusion Of Sound,” Mr. BDP fully attempts to explore the outer reaches of this genre by constructing an EP that contains two extremes. The A-side of the record lands on the soothing end of the spectrum, designed with the intent of relaxing the listener into a stable trance that’s marked by lush synth melodies and playful percussion. On the other hand, the B-side seems to be more tuned for the dancefloor, taking listeners on a cosmic journey of euphoric acid-house.

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His song “The Flow” happens to fall on the A-side, and fans of Harrison BDP will instantly recognize it as the work of the Cardiff producer. From the length of the song (coming in at about 10 minutes) to the expertly selected quotes used to complement the track’s celestial feel, this tune embodies everything we’ve come to know Harrison BDP as at this early point in his young career. “The Flow” will surely fit right in with his already star-studded discography and help the producer win the ears of more music lovers in 2018.

To get your own copy of “Confusion Of Sound,” visit PIFF Records’ bandcamp by clicking right here. There you will find other releases by the likes of Jesse Bru on the budding UK label.