PREMIERE: Cody Currie – Urlaub Kommt [Secret Reels]

London kid Cody Currie is likely a familiar name for our followers by now; having turned heads with EPs on Pusic and Better Listen Records, and at the time of writing this, his latest release with Razor-n-Tape sits atop the wax charts. His new effort comes quicker this time around–after waiting six months for a new official release, fans will now get two in short order.  The second–and still incoming–release comes from UK-based label Secret Reels, an imprint known for pushing rising talents (largely from the UK) and cultivating a lush and textured deep house sound. The Peach Fuzz EP continues with this ethos, pushing the producer a bit deeper than Movin’ Smoke in sound and sample references.

In the B1 groove comes our premiere for the date, “Urlaub Kommt”, which cheekily gives nod to a certain dusty drum break in use and name. A swinging, layered kit opens the arrangement before filtering in the main lick. It’s a familiar jazz flute lead, joined nicely by wah-wah’d out funk guitar and a grooving bassline. Of course, like any Cody track, it’s decorated with microsamples that serve to inject a uniquely quirky style. At around 121 BPM, it also sits slightly higher on the range than a lot of the producer’s other songs. The result: a sexy deep house cut reminiscent of a certain “Playboy’s Only” jazz vibe, and like his previous work, definitively inspired by contemporary sample-house staples such as those from Berlin’s Money $ex Records. We’ll leave it to the others to detail the other sweet tracks on this 12″, but overall, it’s a project that demonstrates maturation in the young producer; displaying range in a slight departure from “disco” leaning aesthetics towards dusty and jazzy deep house jams with tight arrangements.

The Peach Fuzz EP is available on October 13th, so be sure to set that Juno reminder and continue your healthy and balanced diet of Cody Currie.