PREMIERE : Cody Currie – Heineken 04 [Better Listen Records]

better listen - cody currie

We had the pleasure of introducing one of the cuts on Better Listen Records inaugural release by The Last Trip to Gandahar several months ago. The release went on to be extremely successful, so successful in fact that there is a repress waiting around the corner. The District of Columbia based imprint followed that up with Ponty Mython‘s “House for Sale” EP which is currently in stores now, featuring some slick sampled grooves. BLR’s third release is forthcoming as well, this time from new kid on the block Cody Currie (soundcloud), who made quite a splash on his self-titled Pusic Records debut.

The London-based producer is releasing a five track EP entitled “Beer Machine“. All five joints are dance floor stompers, littered with samples both familiar and not, but meticulously melded into cohesive pieces where not a single sound is out of place. Today, we have the pleasure of premiering the A2: “Heineken 04“. A sampled drum loop with jazzy cymbal crashes and rides introduces the groove with Currie’s own percussive choices sitting over top. Some slightly dissonant jazzy chords ascend into the fray and vocal chops are scattered throughout while a familiar albeit warbled voice takes a bit more of a central role. The low bass guitar here is the cherry on top of an already merciless groove, sure to send many a dancer into overdrive (just don’t spill your beer on the dancefloor).

Cody Currie’s approach is not an unfamiliar one but he is able to set himself apart from the masses with his smooth technique. The young producer’s dusty sampled house sound is akin to the likes of Fouk and Brame & Hamo, high praise for someone just getting their feet wet and he is definitely one to watch. Better Listen Records is also doing everything right with their three stellar EPs thus far, not skimping out on anything including the artwork (which we absolutely love, by the way!).


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