PREMIERE : Poth0les – Touch Down [Common Labour]

poth0les - touch down

Since its 2013 birth, Helsinki label Common Labour (soundcloud) has been out making quite a name for itself. With notable releases by Berlin’s Powel and Finland’s local powerhouse Roberto Rodriguez, it’s fitting that the next cut is one by label head Tuomo Aslak Puranen (pothOles) himself. Set to drop in May, the forthcoming four-track EP “Warthog” showcases pothOles’ experience from a decade’s worth of performing, production, and curatorship.

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Despite being more of a slow builder, the EP’s last track B2 ‘Touch Down’ is very quick to impress. It snatches your attention with a flourishing synth motif which soon becomes the track’s backbone, then bumps you along with those easygoing, loosely swung high-hats. pothOles works the layering hard — each new addition, whether it be the breathy caramel vocals or funky slap bass, is distinct yet well-balanced amongst the others. Warm, sighing synth chords melt gracefully in with primal, raindrop percussion, but the highlight is, of course, Tapani Rinne’s bass clarinet singing eloquently above the many textures. ‘Touch Down’ makes for an aural delight — dreamy yet uplifting, guaranteed to chuck a spring up on your groove.

The rest of the EP is on-par in quality, consisting of A1 ‘Warthog’, a blissful dance number bound for a breathtaking festival sunset, as well as its two remixes. While Jori Hulkkonen’s cinematic rework amplifies the original with an exhilarating drive, Saine’s cut features a more carefree groove. It brings out a bouncy bass, crisp clicks, and tribal percussive hints. Altogether, the full four-track EP comes out May 8th, but I’d make sure to get pre-orders in real quick… COM-007 is released on vinyl only, with just a red-hot 200 copies up for grabs!