Portable – The Spacetime Curvature [Circus Company]

Portable is a man who does not require much of an introduction, but we will go for it anyway. Born and raised in South Africa, the experimental musician has been in the scene since the early 00s, using his talent for production and electronic craftsmanship to build a career that has taken him all around the world – from London to Lisbon, Berlin, and Paris. Always grounded in his African roots, Portable’s sound incorporates aspects from each of these cultural hubs which create for experiences that are often familiar and otherworldly at the same time.

It’s been almost 1 year since his last LP Transit of Mercury, but fortunately, Portable is gearing up for the release of his 9th full-fledged record. Titled My Sentient Shadow,  this album is set to feature 10 tracks which are arguably his most cohesive, emotive, and balanced to date. A strong theme throughout My Sentient Shadow is how we wrestle with our virtual existence as we inch one step closer to the so-called “Metaverse.” This motif appears to be front and center in one of his latest singles, which we are fortunate to be sharing with you today.

Called “The Spacetime Curvature,” this original starts off with Portable’s chanting, hypnotic vocals that bring about an almost meditative state. However, it would be wrong to assume that Portable is trying to lull his listeners to sleep. In fact, he goes on to layer upon melodies that are quite emphatic and punchy in nature. From the 36 second mark onward, one will have to practice some serious restraint not to immediately start bobbing their head from the futuristic grooves that follow. Clearly, Portable wants us to be dancing as we contemplate metaphysics and what that means for the human experience.

Set to be released tomorrow, on February 4th,  you can purchase your copy of My Sentient Shadow here via Circus Company!