PREMIERE : Ponty Mython – So What Did You Expect (BAL5000 back to 96 Remix) [wewillalwaysbealovesong]

wewillalwaysbealovesong is a French label with a very impressive back catalogue, bringing together the likes of Ilija Rudman, Tevo Howard and Ponty Mython (who is the subject of today’s premiere). This is their 11th outing, the second of which has been pressed to wax. This is essentially a remix EP, harnessing the talents of Black Loops, Nebraska, Jay Haze and Bal5000 (soundcloud). Bal5000 is the alias of Bálint Forgács, a producer hailing from Budapest with previous appearances on the Dirt Crew sub-label Speil and the Nachtbraker headed Quartet Series.

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The original track ‘So What Did You Expect‘ released just over a month ago is a typically quirky affair, with plinky melodies and a funky bass line to boot. What Bal5000 has done with his interpretation is strip everything right back to it’s basics. The intro of the remix is sublime, taking the chords and pads of the original and laying filtered smatterings of the beats creating an almost cosmic feel. Kicking fully in at just over 3 minutes, you would be forgiven for thinking that it dragged on a little too much but boy oh boy that is most definitely not the case here, just the right amount of variation and tease before the beats and bassline are introduced after a rather large resonated high pass filter. There are many nice little sub-melodies and phrases going on in this remix, maybe some will missed in a club environment but on a set of decent headphones this can truly be appreciated for what it is; a brooding slow burner with amazing spatial qualities.

This is set to hit stores in early November, you can pre-order a copy from here