Pitto – Late Night Studio Moves [Heist Recordings]

heist recording - pitto

As you might know, Heist Recordings was created by the lads of Detroit Swindle as a means to take control of their own releases. However, in the 5 years that they have been in existence, Heist has also become a launching pad for many producers from their homeland the Netherlands. Artists like Nachtbraker to Frist Wentik and Fouk, all have featured their music on the label and have helped Heist become the Dutch, funk powerhouse that it is today. In keeping up with the tradition of showcasing the best deep house and disco the Dutch have to offer, Heist has decided to add another friend into the mix – the exquisite producer Pitto!

[soundcloud url=”https://soundcloud.com/boltingbits/premiere-pitto-late-night-studio-moves” /]
Set to come out tomorrow, Pitto’s debut EP on the label Late Night Studio Moves will feature 3 new original tracks from him along with a delightful remix from Colin de la Plante, better known as the Mole. As you can hear in the lead track, Pitto’s inspiration for the record seems to be heavily influenced by African melodies. Throughout the song’s epic 9:26 entirety, one can hear playful vocals and percussion from the continent accompanied by a soulful array of piano keys and titillating synths. Each of these electronic and live elements are then tastefully brought in and out as the track takes the listener on a journey that will leave them in a state of dancefloor euphoria. We’re sure that Late Night Studio Moves will be a crowd favorite wherever it is played this summer!

To get yourself a copy of the EP when it comes out on June 22nd, simply click on this link right here!