Pistol Pete – Lundagatan [Idle Hands]

Bristol imprint Idle Hands has had quite the memorable year as of late. In 2018, the label was finally able to reach their 50th release with a 12” gem from Livity Sounds’ Peverelist and recently capped off November with a record from London-based producer Parris. To finish the year with a bang rather than a whimper, Idle Hands have elected to release an EP from Swedish producer Pistole Pete! Although he isn’t as well-known as the other artists they have on their roster, Mr. Pete has been a huge favorite of Idel Hands’ boss Chris Farrell. Any time Pistol would come out with one of his records since 2012, they would always find a home in the record shop he runs in Bristol.

[soundcloud url=”https://soundcloud.com/boltingbits/premiere-pistol-pete-lundagatan” /]

In his latest effort, Pistol has elected to compose a record that is primarily designed for the club and sets out to leave its listeners with a sense of warmth for those cold winter months ahead. Out of his EP Orphan, our favorite has to be the track titled Lundagatan, which is a reference to a street in Stockholm (Pistol’s hometown). Throughout the piece, Pistol utilizes a chopped up soul sample for its base and decides to pair it with an assortment of energetic, drum patterns and swirling synths that manage to create a groove that will keep your head bobbing from beginning to end. After taking one listen to the tune, you’ll begin to immediately understand why people such as Chris Farrell have such a fondness for the emotional originals Pistol makes. We do not own a record shop, but Pistol’s music will always be welcomed at Bolting Bits!

To buy this, as well as the rest of Orphan, follow this link right here! It’s out now!