Krotone – Champion [Devil’s Work]

Krotone takes the spotlight for Devil’s Work’s third release, the new label launched by Idle Hands boss, Farrell. During the heyday of the Idle Hands shop, Krotone’s self-released 12”s resonated deeply with the shop’s ethos, delivering bass-heavy, dub, and techno sounds that perfectly encapsulated the vibe within those wall. Farrell took notice, integrating these tracks into DJ sets regularly. So, when the new label Devil’s Work emerged, it was only natural that this Leeds-based producer and DJ found a place among its ranks.

‘Champion’ stands tall as a formidable slice of propulsive dub techno, adorned with resonating stabs and an elegant breakdown. Meanwhile, ‘Project 36’ boasts a similar weightiness, its sound leaning towards garage while retaining a distinct dub techno essence. Closing the curtain on Devil’s Work releases for the year, this marks the finale of 2023, promising an exciting array of releases lined up for 2024.

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