Pin Up Club – Valis [Bordello A Parigi]

Hailing from Amsterdam, Bordello A Parigi has been instrumental in showcasing the new wave of Italo Disco artists, having released the likes of Skatebård, Zombies in Miami and Curses among many other flag bearers of the genre. To be fair, calling the imprint a label is an understatement, as it has grown to be much more than that, with a clothing line and a record store being two major components of Bordello A Parigi. A name, which stands for ‘Brothel in Paris’ is undeniably among the most respected outfits of the Italo scene, which has been going through a sort of revival in the last couple of years.

Bordello did not have to look far for their latest release, which is a superb 4-track EP from Pin Up Club – a producers duo, based in Amsterdam as well. The pair of Josef Van Galen and Jelle Imbos are no strangers in the Brothel, as it has already housed their Friends Of The Vortex EP last year.

The partnership is back for round two with The Forever Machine, an EP that bears similarities to their first Bordello venture but introduces new elements and soundscapes to produce a truly mesmerizing dark disco journey.

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Our premiere is A1 ‘Valis’. While we’re not sure whether the track pays tribute to the science fiction novel by Philip K. Dick, one thing is for certain – the breathy vocals coupled with soothing synthlines present us with a flavour of melancholy and haziness that remains present throughout the whole EP. The track is not a club weapon but rather serves as an appetizer – either of the long night sweating on the dancefloor or rest of the journey on The Forever Machine.

The remaining tracks follow the path set by ‘Valis’, blending fuzzy vocals, joyous synths and smoky basslines with acidic elements to create another impressive entry in the Bordello A Parigi catalogue. Bustling arpeggios of A2 ‘Is There Anybody Out There?‘ create an aura of excitement which is then slightly diffused by a sense of suspense and anxiousness on the title track B1. Nonetheless, The Forever Machine ends on a high note, with a peak-time tool on B2 ‘A Deepness In The Sky’ sure to grace dancefloors all over the world this summer.

The Forever Machine EP is out on 12’ and digital on the 25th of June. Grab your copy here.