Pierre Moritz – Dead Calm In Rooms One And Three [Self-Released]

We are grateful to present yet another stellar workout from Pierre Moritz, co-founder of the Copie Blanche label and an all-around stunning producer known for some of the most infectious unsigned jams around. With releases on Virage, Shall Not Fade, and some on his own, Pierre has demonstrated a real knack for sumptuous, house-indebted tracks—but his latest effort, an 8-track mini album titled 17-21 Rue de Javel, upends any notions that this future master could be anything resembling a one-trick pony. Bursting with smoky funk and low-slung boogie, Pierre’s latest LP is an absolute treasure for anytime of the day; however, Bolting Bits will be premiering one of the mini-album’s more hustling numbers, Dead Calm in Rooms One and Three.

[soundcloud url=”https://soundcloud.com/boltingbits/premiere-pierre-moritz-dead-calm-in-rooms-one-and-three” /]

Arriving at the tail-end of the A-side, Dead Calm is one of Pierre’s most worn-in and welcome sounding tunes of his short-yet-prolific career. Juxtaposed against it’s lower-BPM companions, it briskly weaves around the brain like a much-needed breeze on a hot day. Nimble melodies spike and dance around a driving, yet welcome rhythm section. The bass-line anchors the track as its’ shimmering pads and synths pirouette across the coasting percussion. Pierre mentions that the record was born out of good times with close friends. From what we can tell from Dead Calm in Rooms One and Three, he must’ve had some truly glowing times to recount—the whole project oozes with joviality and relaxed confidence. Pre-order your K7 now!