Partner Music – Patu [High Praise Edits]

Running since 2012, XVI Records has known no boundaries in genre or style. From the jazz riddled beats of Henry Wu, afro influenced house from Delonte Rivers, to poppier tones from Frankie Knight and even grime from Captain Over, XVI Records boasts a roster as eclectic as they come. The only common ground between all their releases is a certain grooviness & warmth, put best by XVI who define themselves as “a label on a journey to the sun”. XVI’s latest offering comes from their High Praise Edits series, as the edit focused offshoot inaugurated by Books last year continues with label newcomer Partner Music.

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Our pick off the EP is “Patu”, the quirky yet groovy A side. Punchy drums, funky bass lines and sweet melodies come together to create an infectious groove, topped off by an enchanting acapella from an old Bollywood record. Funky, quirky and full of warm nostalgia, Patu is everything an edit strives for. Things never get boring as various solos come and go, and after every breakdown you find yourself begging to hear those vocals one last time. Simply put, great samples make for great edits and Partner Music’s done just that. This nifty tune is set to fill any dance floor with plenty of energy and genuine good feels. XVI Records’ journey to the sun continues with Partner Music, make sure to give this one a spin before the sun starts hiding again! Pre-order available directly from the label’s Bandcamp.