Painé – Africa Oscura (Drums of Passion Mix) [Four Flies Records]

There are many DJs and selectors out there that label themselves as crate diggers – a slang term used to describe anyone who spends their time sifting through vinyl records at music shops in search of hidden gems. I was going to use the phrase to describe the Italian label Four Flies Records but thought it’d be a disservice. The collective, led by founder and film director Pier De Sanctis, isn’t necessarily digging through crates to find rare sounds – but are instead creating the crate itself.

Many of the tracks the imprint has released have included cuts from the 60s and 70s Italian film, radio, and television. Oftentimes, these songs have either been long forgotten in attics or basements while others have never actually been circulated for official release. This sort of musical excavation shares more similarities with modern archaeology than what we find most producers doing at your local record shop. Since their founding in 2015, Pier and his mates have already put out over 75 vinyl records, some of which have featured in popular films like Once Upon A Time in Hollywood and TV Shows like High Fidelity.

During their most recent dig in 2018, Four Flies Records unearthed the previously unheard of “Africa Oscura” by legendary composer Giuliano Sorgini. The original work portrays a fictional and mysterious continent, providing a soundtrack tinged with dark moods and cosmic shades. One of the major reasons why the record caught the ear of Pier and friends was how sparse it was, resembling the open-ended arrangements one might hear in downtempo music today.

Setting out to make Mr. Sorgini’s records more accessible to music lovers around the globe, Four Flies Records has decided to release a double 12” of his songs, which include 7 reworks by six of Italy’s most visionary DJs/producers: Jolly Mare, L.U.C.A. (aka Francisco), pAd, and Quiroga & Dario Bass. The version we are fortunate enough to be premiering for you today comes from the likes of Painè Cuadrelli, better known as Painé. Keeping several of the song’s original elements intact, the Italian producer decides to up the tempo of its trance-inducing percussion while adding in some much-appreciated, dance-floor ready bass. In the end, this gives “Africa Oscura” a great deal of energy but manages not to damage the original’s feel or intent. For any DJ looking to take their listeners on a  Balearic journey around the sun – look no further!

Make sure to support Four Flies Records by buying a copy of Africa Oscura Reloved Vol.1 and Vol.2 here!