P.92 – Distort me (Mincy Remix)

P.92 shows relentless commitment to his music and has produced an album that moves and breathes along with its audience. Entrancing and provocative, Sage transports you to your own version of euphoria while building a collective ecstasy between people and the space around us. P.92 displays a powerful level of skill and natural ability in his album Sage and has delivered an album that is an addictive, technicolor exploration to the limits of our own utopia.

Mincy Distort Me travels through space with the urgency and optimism of a car racing through traffic to chase a sunset. Finding momentary rest between moments of desperation, the track is a colourful balance of delicacy and vigour, like afternoon rain cooling down hot concrete. P.92 has created a track of expansive grandeur despite its condensed nature and robust form. Imploring for adventure and exploration, Mincy Distort Me is a song for getting too close, risky curiosity and unwavering imagination.


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